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Upcoming Events

            Past HTE Programs for 2017/18/19/20:

Hard stop Covid January 1, 2020

Working on Reset for 2022/23



Saturday-September 9th, 2017

September to Remember Walk and Learn

("A Step Forward" program)  

Walk 9 am from my office @ 2033 Crooks to

Holiday Market in time for           

Grocery store Tour at 10

Walk back to office at 12 noon.

Thursday, October 5th, 2017

("The Whole package program"-Children's field trip 
Led by Wayne State University Dietetic Dept.-Holiday Market 

with Flash Exercise Class led by the YMCA

Saturday October 14th, 2017

Fresh Wagon Detroit

Children's program to Eastern Market

Click for details and this one too

and don't forget this one


                                                                       Thursday, November 9th and 

                        Friday November 10th with

Walk 9 am from my office @ 2033 Crooks to

                                                           2018 PROGRAMS

Thursday February 15th

Holiday Market Field Trip

Oakland Elementary School

Thursday March 29 th

Walk with a Doc and Holiday Market Field Trip

August 18th-Sat.

Hamady Bros.

HTE and Flint Program


Thurs, October 4, 2018

Royal Oak Keller 5th Grade Elementary Field Trip

See details

Thursday Nov. 8th 

Oak Ridge Elementary 5th graders 


 Feb 14/April 4th

Thurs April 4 WSU program

Royal Oak Schools.


to be announced

"A job well done for your hard work . As I watched and saw the program, HealthyTown is a perfect fit for any market environment. Lots of shoppers look and seek such advice when shopping for their family.  Lots of shoppers think they are buying healthy when there not.

Your program is much needed and will bring a huge value to the shoppers and the market itself for promoting this healthy living program.  It also adds value for the students in the medical field to interact with shoppers and get back and forth feedback."

                                         H.T.E. participant

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