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A note from one of Dr. Pauls
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Global increase in Childhood Obesity-2023-click here

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“Tell us and we forget. Teach us and we remember. Involve us and we learn.”
Benjamin Franklin


Have Physicians and/or Allied health professionals replicate, execute and sustain this healthy living programs in their own practice community; that promotes a culture of wellness where we live, work and play by daily application of improved nutrition, exercise and lifestyle behavior.

Healthytown event at Holiday Market
Healthytown Evenet


HTE Participant

So happy that I attended HealthyTown Everywhere at Holiday Market. It was incredibly helpful having a Dietician walk around the store to show you what products contain. A lot of what I found was just because you think you are eating something healthy, doesn't mean it is healthy. I highly recommend this program to anyone who would like to maintain healthy eating and strongly urge anyone who has any health concerns or risks to do this program so that they can have more understanding about what they are consuming.

Grocery Store Owner

Thank you Dr. Paul for bringing Healthy Town to life. From a market's perspective we were overwhelmed by the generosity of the medical personnel who gave their time and talent to the program. Customers and staff were impressed by the store tours that were jammed packed with good healthy nutrition advice. Looking forward to the next Healthy Town event.

HTE Participant

A job well done for your hard work. As I watched and saw the program, HealthyTown is a perfect fit for any market environment. Lots of shoppers look and seek such advice when shopping for their family.  Lots of shoppers think they are buying healthy when they're not.

Your program is much needed and will bring a huge value to the shoppers and the market itself for promoting this healthy living program.  It also adds value for the students in the medical field to interact with shoppers and get back and forth feedback .


The First Five Years:
Where We Started

I started my journey in 2002 motivated by a quote then attributed to Richard Carmona M.D. the U.S. Surgeon General at that time stating that "Our children may not be able to outlive their parents due to epidemic of childhood obesity".  This alarmed me and I knew I needed to get more involved. I did work in schools and on the lecture circuit all while serving as medical director of our busy family practice. I received several recognition awards for the effort on the program we entitled THE CHILDREN'S HEALTH INITIATIVE PROGRAM or CHIP and wrote a book in 2008 about the experience.

The Middle Five Years:
Where We Have Gone

I then applied lessons learned from CHIP to our office when I created the HEALTH EDUCATION AND LIVING PROGRAM or HEAL, which was an office based healthy living program for the entire family. 


2015 and beyond
 Where We Are Going

In 2015 I then transitioned to our community and created a preventative health and wellness program entitled HEALTHYTOWN EVERYWHERE.  
Together with the nonprofit Michigan Health Council , we continue to hone our model with the long term strategy of improving food choices, exercise and lifestyle improvement in the communities that we serve, with emphasis on the those under served.   Click this link to to a 4 minute video that will give you an example of one of many such programs we have executed so far.

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Paul Ehrmann, D.O.

West Bloomfield, Michigan


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